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CheckMate™ Striping Kit

CheckMate™ Striping Kit

Husqvarna Z240 Series

Model: HUZ240 Product Code: HU-ZTR36
Note: Lawn Striping Kit Only / Mower Sold by your local retailer

Big League Lawns© manufactures striping rollers that connect to the full line of Husqvarna Zero Turn mowers. As the operator mows the turf, the CheckMate™ striping roller gently folds the grass in the direction of cut. The resulting patterns are created by sunlight reflecting from the grass. Grass that is bent away from you reflects light which appears much lighter in color. Grass that is bent towards you appears a much deeper green due to shadows being cast under the bent tips of grass. When mowed and rolled in opposing directions, vibrant patterns are created, rivaling major league ballparks throughout America.

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Rugged frame and casters

Constructed from the toughest of materials, the CheckMate™ is manufactured from high density injection molded rubber and 12 gauge powder coated steel.

Husqvarna Smart Release

All Husqvarna Series striping kits are equipped with a quick release system which allows the operator to remove or install the striper in seconds.

Reinforced mounting hardware

All mounting hardware is reinforced with heavy duty galvanized flat stock steel measuring 1/4” in total thickness.

Maintenance - Free

All CheckMate™ striping kits deliver worry free operation. Dual flanged nylon bushings are utilized in each caster for superior operation in dirty and corrosive environments.


CheckMate™ Mounting Points

Installation Schematic

Mounting Installation

  1. Remove Nut #34
  2. Pull Bolt #24 from mower mainframe
  3. Align hole of CheckMate™ mounting bracket with newly exposed hole; mounting bracket will drop down on the "inside" of the mowers tubular framing [e.g. engine side]
  4. Confirm that both quick release stabilizer pins are pointing in the same direction for quick release application.
  5. Place (1) 5/16" flat washer onto bolt #24
  6. Reinstall Bolt #24 through CheckMate™ mounting bracket, engine guard and mower mainframe
  7. Secure engine guard and CheckMate mounting arm in place by threading Nut #34 back in place [minimum 90 lbs. Torque]



Construction Solid injection molded
Size 5" Commercial / 4" Residential
Bushings Dual Flange nylon
Treaded Provides extended life


Slide Rail Provides infinite connection points
Slide Rail Construction 12 guage; powder coated
Mounting Plates 1/4" flat stock; galvanized
Mounting Hardware 1/2" Grade 5; galvanized


Connection Point Free floating; Continuous compression
Individual Rollers Reduces friction on zero radius turns
Quick Release Removal of two lynch pins releases roller from mower


Length (in.) 36 inches
Weight (lbs.) 44 lbs


One year commercial | Two year residential


Product Warranty

Big League Lawns, LLC warrants their products to be free of defects in material and workmanship. This warranty does not cover defects due directly or indirectly to misuse, abuse, normal wear and tear, failure to properly maintain the product or used for a purpose other than which it is intended. The duration of this warranty is expressly limited to one year parts and labor beginning from the date of delivery to the original user.

The obligation of Big League Lawns, LLC is limited solely to the repair or replacement, at our option, at its factory or authorized repair agent of any part that should prove deficient. Purchaser must maintain the product under normal operating conditions at all times. Prior to operation, become familiar with the features of the attachment. This product is not intended to be used in a transport position or to be backed over curbs. Failure to follow these instructions will void the warranty.

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