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How the CheckMate Lawn Striping Kit Works

Wanting to mow like a pro?  Have you ever driven by a property only to catch yourself admiring the signature striping of a certain lawn?  In many cases, these lawns are being cut by landscape professionals.  Although our patented CheckMate™ lawn striping roller is utilized by many professionals, its unmatched durability and universal design can help any homeowner create their own perfect lawn as well.  The CheckMate™ striping system is built from heavy duty steel construction and extremely durable rubber components.  Throw in chemically treated non-greasable bushings and you’ve got a striping system that will provide you with years of professional grade performance with little to no maintenance.

Our universal design allows the CheckMate™ striping system to be mounted to virtually any mower on the market.  The striping kit provides significant weight to the turf while allowing the roller to freely float up and down over the contours of the lawn.  The basic function of the roller is to bend the grass in the direction of cut; creating shadows from sunlight.  Whatever pattern you make is revealed by light shining off of the bent grass. A striped effect occurs when the grass is cut in side-by-side rows, alternating the way the grass bends.  Grass that is bent away from you will appear very light in color due to sunlight reflecting off the backside of the grass blades.  Grass that is bent towards you will appear very dark in color.  This is due to the deep shadows being cast under the blade tips created from the direct sunlight.

More unique designs, such as checkerboards or diamonds, are achieved by cutting stripes in both perpendicular and/or angular directions.  Regardless of the direction of cut, the possibilities for creating stunning designs end only with your imagination.

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