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CheckMate™ Striping Assemblies are designed to rest behind the rear drive tires.

As the tractor makes its turn, the CheckMate™ system mirrors the turning action of the mower. Casters on the inside of the striping system will turn with the inside rear drive tire; casters on the outside of the system will "arc" with the outside drive tire.

All lawn and garden tractor striping kits ship with a quick attachment plate which allows you to bolt directly to the mower utility cart hitch. This plate also provides a quick release system for easy removal of the striping kit.

CheckMate™ systems are designed to ride on the ground at all times utilizing the weight of the solid rubber casters. This weight, combined with the systems ability to constantly follow the contour of the lawn, allows for maximum "bend" to be applied to the blades of grass.

What Size? Width is best defined by the operator, however, a system that measures approximately 6" smaller than the mower deck is commonly preferred. Please note that larger systems that extend far beyond the drive tires require more caution when mowing around/near landscape walls or other solid architecture.

To view a graphic example that helps users to determine the approximate roller size they should purchase, please click here

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