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Self Clearing... Made Simple!

Self Clearing Packages: Packages shipped from the United States to Canada are allowed to be ‘self cleared’ or ‘self brokered’ to avoid paying unnecessary brokerage fees to companies such as UPS, FedEX, DSL, etc.

The process typically starts with an email from the transit company (UPS) indicating that they want you to contact them at with your shipment ID, the name of your Customs broker or authorization for UPS to clear the shipment on your behalf.

The Canadian customer should reply/respond to the email by indicating:
“I will be self clearing this item. I have both the commercial invoice as well as the original purchase invoice from my US supplier. Can you please provide me with the PDF document “Self Accounting Procedures.” Additionally, I will need the address of the local UPS facility where my package is currently being held.”

The Canadian customer must locate the nearest Canadian Border Service Agency (CBSA) self clearing location; there are many / Click Here for a directory of CBSA Self Clearing Agencies.

You must travel to the agency and provide them with the attached Commercial Invoice, your customer copy of the item purchased from Big League Lawns and the ‘Self Accounting Procedures Form” sent to you from UPS.

Your local CBSA will provide you with a CBSA stamped B15 document with an Entry Number as your receipt once the applicable duties and taxes have been paid. Ensure the entry number and UPS tracking number is legible on the document.

Forward a copy of the B15 document and the Self Accounting Reference Page to the email address via PDF file or return Fax to UPS. These contact numbers will be provided to you on your reference page.

Once your documents are received and the entry number validated, your shipment will be delivered to the address on the package (typically) within two business days.

Note: All shipping boxes or containers will be clearly marked ‘Made in the USA’. Please check with your government officials on dollar amounts which may qualify as ‘duty free’.

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