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Shipping and Return Policy

Are you considering an out of season purchase or holiday gift item? No worries. Purchases made from November, 2019 through the end of March, 2020 include a substantial extension to our standard return policy. Any purchases made during this period are allowed to be returned through the end of April, 2020. This extension is provided to customers who would like to utilize holiday (or off season) promotional discount codes while still maintaining their original 30 day money back guarantee.

Please note that holiday or off season promotional codes normally run in 14 day cycles and may expire at any time. Quotations provided throughout the off season which include promotional discounts will not be available for spring purchases.

Big League Lawns, LLC provides a full 30 day money back guarantee on all of our striping kits. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase simply contact one of our team members for a return authorization [RMA]. In addition to our 30 day money back guarantee, we provide an unmatched industry service by also covering return shipping expenses. Note, in the event a customer completed a purchase for the wrong item, selected the wrong size striping kit or have an unboxed item surpassing our 30 day money back guarantee, the customer must return the items in the original packaging at their own expense for credit.

*Under no circumstances will Big League Lawns, LLC accept the return of any unit [new or used] that is at or beyond 90 days of the orignal purchase date.

Additionally, we accept all striping kits back with zero restocking fees so long as the box contains all of the original contents, including all mounting hardware (or additional parts in certain situations). The item must be returned in either the same box or a similar size box to avoid UPS oversize charges or excess handling fees.

Please understand that the striping kit can be dirty from use, however there can be no damage to the unit and must be in a suitable condition to be resold as a demonstration unit.

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