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Zero-Turn Radius Mowers

Striping Assemblies are designed to rest behind the rear drive tires.

As the mower pivots, the CheckMate™ system mirrors the pivoting action of the mower. Casters on the inside of the striping system will pivot with the inside rear drive tire; casters on the outside of the system will "arc" with the outside drive tire.

Simple hardware allows the system to connect to existing bolts or available bolt holes.

CheckMate™ systems are designed to ride on the ground at all times utilizing the weight of the solid rubber casters. This weight, combined with the systems ability to constantly follow the contour of the lawn, allows for maximum "bend" to be applied to the blades of grass.

What Size? It is highly recommended that you select a roller width which will span from the approximate midpoint of the left drive tire to the approximate midpoint of the right drive tire. Most all zero turn mowers have a wide wheel base which allows the outer most portion of the stripe to be compressed by the wheels themselves. The roller should overlap the area being compressed by the tires to create a uniform stripe. Please keep in mind that the midpoint to midpoint rule is also used to make sure that the each of your two mounting arms are allowed to "open" wide enough to connect to your existing mower frame.

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